Nursing Tea – product test reivew

breastfeeding tea nursing teaReview of Breastfeeding Tea

My name is Sam and I am a single mummy to two gorgeous little boys.  Noah who is 15 months and Jacob who is 5 weeks.  Jacob is exclusively breastfed and Noah drinks expressed milk. 

As a tandem feeding mum milk supply plays on my mind so I was looking forward to trying this nursing tea.  Anything that helps keep my supply up is going to be a winner in this house.
I used the tea for 7 days and would give it an overall score of 8 out of 10.

I don’t often drink many teas so having one I looked forward to drinking made for a pleasant surprise.  When I opened the box the smell of the tea was quite strong and reminded me of my childhood when I used to buy aniseed balls. The drink itself is a much more delicate flavour and a pleasure to drink. I often find herbal teas need sweetening with honey but this tea was very soothing and refreshing and very pleasant to drink.

In regards to increasing my supply I do believe the tea is helping and would consider continuing to use this product in the future. The only factor I would have to really consider is the price as I am on a tight budget but when you consider the benefits of giving my baby the best start in life I think anything that helps to establish a good milk supply is worth giving a go.

The Nursing Tea is available from The Natural Nursery, priced at £4.95 for a box of 20 bags.