THe Adiri Breastbottle Nurser now in stock

Breastbottle1 BreastbottleĀ® nursers are the ideal solution for working mums who want to continue breast-feeding. The patented bubble-free design and low-flow adjustable nipple minimise confusion between breast and bottle. Breastbottle nursers are ideal for feeding breast milk.

  • Soft and comforting.
  • Designed to be more like breast-feeding than any other bottle.
  • Bubble-free delivery to minimize related colic.
  • Patented Adiriā„¢ nipple offers three flow rates.
  • Readily accepted by most babies.
  • Can simulate let-down.
  • Ideal for switching between bottle and breast.
  • Capacity based on maximum breast supply.
  • Easily filled without spills.
  • No bottle brush required.
  • Dishwasher safe, on top rack.
  • Childproof closure system.

After months of trying and spending a fortune on teats and bottles this was a life saver. My son refused all bottles and I was amazed that he took the nurser first time without any fuss. It was a relief as I am going back to work soon and obviously needed him to be on a bottle so thank you very much! Ruth G.

You can find out more about the Nurser from the manufacturer’s website or purchase it from The Natural Nursery.