Twelve Days of a Natural Christmas – Day 6 – Moby Baby Wrap

Moby Baby Wrap at the Natural NurseryWith 17 different colours to choose from the Moby Wrap could be worn on any occasion.

The award-winning original Moby Wrap is the one of the most recognised wraparound baby carriers available. Made from beautiful, soft stretch cotton and available in a variety of colours, the Moby Wrap is an ideal carrier for newborn and premature babies.

The Moby Wrap can be used from birth to 35lbs, but really stands out in the infant stage. Simply wrap the fabric around you according to the directions and pop your baby in-an-out as needed. Since the Moby wraps over both shoulders, you can switch baby from side-to-side with no readjustment – all the time cradling them in cushy comfort.

The Moby Wrap is 100% cotton, machine washable in cool water and comes complete with a handy matching storage bag and full written instructions.


Maja said:

“We bought our Moby wrap when our baby was first born. Took a couple of attempts but got the hang of it really quickly. We used to strip the little one down to his nappy and put him in for loads of skin to skin. With some practice you can learn to breastfeed in it as well.
It’s really versatile as you can do different types of wrap depending on the need and the age of your baby.”