£10 Cashback for Real Nappies in Sheffield

Washable Nappies at the Natural NurseryDid you know that by the time your baby is potty trained you will have gone through 5,000 nappy changes?  With this in mind, and the fact your baby will spend around 2 years in nappies, it is really important that you make an informed choice and choose a nappy option that is right for both you and your baby.  In order to help parents make this decision, ourselves and Veolia Environmental Services have teamed up with the Sheffield Real Nappy Network to provide discounts, advice and support for parents investing in real nappies.

Real Rubbish Reduction

Disposable nappies can take up half the bin each week.  For a family with just one baby, real nappies can help you manage your waste and reduce your environmental impact.  Just in Sheffield each year we estimate over 15,000 tonnes of nappy waste is produced.

Real Easy to Use

  • By the time your baby is potty trained, you are likely to have gone through 5,000 nappy changes.
  • Real nappies are an easy to use, practical alternative to disposables.
  • With modern nappies there isn’t a pin in sight.
  • They come in lots of modern and funky styles that fasten easily with poppers, Velcro or nifty little plastic grips so the nappy fits your baby snugly.
  • A liner goes inside the nappy to keep your baby dry and to catch the solids.
  • To prevent leaks most real nappies are covered with a breathable waterproof cover available in colourful designs.

Real Savings

  • The total cost of using real nappies can be less than half that of using disposables.
  • Costs can be as little as £1 per week including the price of detergents and energy.
  • No need to soak or pre-wash, just wash at 400 or 600C

Real Nappy Support

Ourselves and Veolia Environmental Services are working with Sheffield Real Nappy Network, a voluntary group to provide quality advice and support to Sheffield residents investing in Real Nappies.
A £10 contribution, from oursleves is available for residents of Sheffield who purchase Real Nappies through the Sheffield Real Nappy Network, as long as you can say yes to all of the following.
  • You order a minimum of £30 worth of nappies before discount and not including any other sundry products
  • The nappies are for a child under the age of 12 months
  • You can only make one claim per child through the Sheffield Real Nappy Network
  • You live in the Sheffield area and are liable for Council Tax to us.


The Natural Nursery has lots of advice about reusable nappies and a wonderful selection of cloth nappies and accessories in the Natural Nursery Shop.