The Benefits of Baby Swimming

FB-BabyP-Post_3At Baby Paddlers we have experienced first hand the benefits to starting your child swimming young. Depending upon the pool temperature, we recommend (in line with STA guidelines) that babies start from birth. Swimming is among the most awesome experiences you’ll ever share with your child.

Babies are naturally in love with the water as they grow and develop in the womb. Lots of pregnant mothers are opting for a water birth because it’s considered to be the most natural entry into the world plus it is great for pain relief. Water is recognised as a warm, supportive atmosphere throughout labour and provides a natural transition for your baby from the womb to the “outside world”.

Babies often start swimming classes from birth, it is not required to have completed their injections and really young babies love the freedom, massage and mild exercise that the water offers.

The benefits to each parent and baby of swimming together are incredible:

  • Plenty of skin contact – it’s a beautiful way to bond together with your baby
  • Plenty of eye contact
  • Makes swimming a fun and socially stimulating activity (for both baby and you!)
  • Helps you and your baby feel relaxed and assured within the water, giving both confidence
  • Non swimming parents can still enjoy spending some time in the water with their little one, bonding and learning new skills

There are more advantages too, particularly if you join fun, progressive swimming classes like Baby Paddlers:

– It is the only time your baby “goes solo” (whilst experiencing gentle submersions)
– Only in the water, will a baby move freely and develop actions they wouldn’t be able to in their initial year of life. This provides “swimming babies” the chance to develop crucial higher brain functions, core muscle development and co-ordination quicker
– Mild, baby swimming classes offer great physical exercise: strengthening your baby’s heart and lungs, that once more aids development of the brain
– Regular swimming makes babies hungry and tired! Lots of our parents report on improved eating and sleeping patterns!
– Improved communication. Regular use of key words and phrases will help with your babies responses and increases levels of awareness
– Encouraging a baby to start regular exercise from such a young age is additionally an especially healthy routine to instil, promoting exercise and all the known health benefits that come with it

But most significantly of all, baby swimming will instil a love of water for the remainder of your child’s life.

Baby swimming is a completely safe and fun activity, and classes usually provides a parent with the guidance to ensure they are relaxed and comfortable with what they are doing. Baby Paddlers teachers are not just trained swimming teachers with lifesaving skills but are also trained to understand the needs of each parent and baby, making sure you get what what you need.

Classes will vary, thus take time to search out a class that may provide you with the experiences that you want – whether or not this can be just water familiarity or a a lot of progressive approach; and whether or not the fashion of the category is relaxed and fun, or a lot of formal and controlled.

Baby Paddler’s baby swimming classes follow a transparent and progressive structure and can sometimes involve some underwater swimming for your baby. The focus of our classes is ensuring that both parents and their babies are having fun. So all our learning is done at your babies pace, ensuring that you both get the most out of your time in the pool.

The best baby swimming classes are designed with fun, progressive activities, mild submersions and are full of songs. Songs and rhymes offer mild stimulation and promote communicating with your baby. Repetition is fun, encouraging and boosts learning.

Please visit this page for some information on the Benefits of Baby Swimming.