Customer Review – Totsbots Bamboozle Size 2

Here is another one of the great product reviews that we have had for Tots Bots Bamboozle (Size 2):

Well what can I say? These are great fitting and really easy to use. You fold the insert bit (front for boys, or the middle for girls) and pop it on, its aplix fastening so dead easy for Dads, Grandparents and friends to use! Once it’s on you need a waterproof PUL, Fleece or Wool cover.

We use Wool/Fleece over our cloth nappies as they let the nappy ‘breathe’ so it lasts us longer! Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton and has antibacterial properties though I have found it does take longer to dry.

I can see this nappy lasting quite a long time, we only have a few in our stash as we have a variety of everything but they are a winner in this household! They are less than £10 a nappy and most councils offer a reusable nappy incentive so if you are lucky you can get a few and it won’t even cost you a penny!

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