Make it Monday – Growing food from kitchen scraps

This is from the fantastic site – which has loads of ideas for growing food in small spaces. I’ve grown the tops of carrots (just pop them in a saucer of water), accidentally sprouted potato’s and tried and failed to grow avocado’s before but this blog has some new ideas! They are so easy to do with children, and the small seeds are so fast to grow too! If you do grow any please send us your photos to

There’s all sorts of growing experiments you can do with your kids just by using food from your kitchen. The possibilities are nearly limitless…take some time to take stalk of the food supplies you have, and decide which ones you’d like to experiment with. To give you an idea of the kinds of things you can plant, here’s a quick list:

1. Whole seed spices (like corriander seed, mustard seed, etc.)

2. Seeds from fruits and vegetables (like potatoes, green peppers, apples, etc.)

3. Snack food seeds (like popcorn and raw nuts, etc.)

4. Fresh herbs and spices (like garlic and ginger root, etc.)

Most of these seeds and roots will grow best by starting them in water. Also, many of them can be transplanted out into the garden, if you’d like.

Here’s an example of a couple of ways to get some food growing from your kitchen food supply:


Take a bunch of celery and cut the bottom root off. Place the root in a cup, filled about half way up the root. New leaves and stalks will begin to form out the top of the cut root. You can then plant it in the garden if you’d like.

celerycelery planted

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