Organic Wrap Baby Body Review – “Gorgeous”

Organic Baby Wear at the Natural NurseryOnce you have felt the difference between organic and non organic cotton we believe you will not want to turn back! These organic cotton baby bodies have a  wrap over front so there is no need to pull over baby’s heads.


  • 100% organic cotton for softness and strength
  • Long-sleeved – keep little arms warm in the winter and protect from the sun in the summer
  • Stylish kimono front – fastened with poppers so no fiddly ties
  • Nickel free poppers to crotch for easy nappy changes
  • Cut a little bit bigger to allow for cloth nappies and extra wriggle room
  • Made to strict ethical standards
A recent customer at the Natural Nursery sent in this review of the organic baby bodies
These body suits are soft, wash really well and are so easy to get onto a wriggly baby at bedtime. We’ve used them since birth & are still using them at 12 months.
5/5 NJ May 2011
For more organic baby clothes please visit the Natural Nursery, we have a range of stylish organic cotton clothing for babies and toddlers, made to strict fairtrade standards.