Make it Monday – Recycled Plastic Bag Crafts

Want to know what to do with those plastic bags that you seem to accumulate?  Well, this blog has all the answers.

It says

Eco Friendly Craft ideas at the Natural Nursery“According to some estimates, Between 500 billion and a trillion plastic grocery bags are used globally each year. The WorldWatch Institute states it takes 430,000 gallons of oil to produce 100 million plastic bags – so that comes to a staggering 4,300,000 gallons or 16,277,270 litres of oil to make a trillion bags.”

I love the idea of making a bag out of bags and I’ve crocheted a few of these in the past.  What I wish I’d known is that the really thin bags don’t make strong bags so next time I’ll use the thicker ones.  I learnt to crochet by watching Youtube videos and if I can do it anyone can!

The next thing I want to try is weaving a back door mat – the instructions are here – and I think it would be a great thing to do with a small child who understood safety around plastic bags.

If you have any good ideas for reusing plastic bags we’d love to hear about them and see your pictures – just email