Save With Real Nappies

Save £100s with beautiful cloth nappies at the Natural NurseryWe are well into 2014 now, how are you going with your New Year Resolutions?  Lots of parents I have spoken to have vowed to make sure they stop wasting money this year and when you have young children, making the switch to real nappies is a no-brainer.

Washable nappies are super cute – those bottoms are so fluffy and squidgy and modern real nappies are super easy to use too.  No need to fold, no need to boil or soak and many families are actually doing LESS washing as they are finding a well fitting real nappy leaks less than a disposable nappy.

Depending on the type of nappy you use, you could find yourself saving around £10 or more per week! 

A while ago I spent some time online with a calculator and did lots of maths and this is what I found:

You can buy a set of nappies plus bucket, liners, washable wipes etc AND wash them (including electricity, detergent etc) for around £450.  Spread over the 2 1/2 year average for potty training, that works out at £3.50 per week.

For disposable nappies and wipes, it works out at £14.90 per week.

A massive £11.4o a week saving by using real nappies!  Nearly £1500 over the nappy life of your baby!

What would you spend that money on?