New Year Resolutions

The New Year is traditionally seen as a time of renewal, of rebirth, a chance to put the old behind you and look to the future, all reflected in the obligatory New Year’s Resolution.

The problem I have with NY Resolutions is that they are always focused on you as a person, a promise to be a better person, to miraculously change who you are, as if making one simple promise is all it takes to become the mythical being you have always wanted to be.

This year I am going to take my cue from The Eden Project (followers of Exeter Baby Activities will already know about our fab family day out there yesterday) and adapt their Seven Gifts and Wishes.

So my New Year’s Resolution is to share one of these each day and keep a blog diary each week to see how I am doing.

The Seven Gifts and Wishes are:

The Planet


Love and Friendship




Health and Wellbeing

I love this idea from the Eden Project – I can see that some of them are going to be hard to do on a regular basis but they will encourage me to give back some of my time and energy, to focus outwards rather than purely inwards.

I don’t have any specific promises to make on these at the moment but it should make for an interesting year!