Make it Monday – Minibeast Jigsaw

This is a downloadable print off from Nature Detectives.

There are 2 different sheets to print out, then you can swap bodies, head and legs; create
a minibeast family; make up names……

We had loads of fun with these taking it in turns to choose a part and making the silliest creatures we could think of, we also made a few of our own legs, heads and bodies to add in. We printed ours off in black and white and coloured it in, but the idea is so simple that you could simply cut out squares of paper, or even use post its and make up your own.

Nature Detectives is part of the Woodland Trust and it is a fantastic resource, it only costs £12 a year to join for the year and that gets you 350+ activities, weekly wildlife challenges, a giant wallchart and stickers, plus activity packs in the post –  it is perfect for inquisitive young explorers.

The weekly challenges and activity packs include a mix of acitvities for different age groups and ideas that can be adapted according to a child’s abilities and interests.

Very young children will need help to do some activities. Over 10s may reach the ‘teenage phase’ early and not be bothered. If in doubt, ask mum or dad for their opinion.

Current members range from 3 to 13. If you’d like to chat about the kinds of activities members will be doing over the next year, give us a call on 0800 026 9650.