Seamless Joins

One of my New Year goals had been to make time for some grown up craft so for today’s Make it Monday I’d like to share my new crochet discovery: seamless joins.

I’m part way through making the retro spot blanket for my littlest one and those annoying bobbles when joining have been annoying me.


See it there in the picture above? It’s only tiny I know but it still bugs me.

So today while youngest one flopped on the sofa feeling poorly, I flicked through the Moogly blog until I found this YouTube video. Perfect!

I’ve only had time to do one round with this technique (being scrambled on upon by poorly toddler isn’t conducive to crochet work) but I’m pleased with the result, looky look:

Just wish I’d found it earlier!

We’ll be back next Monday with some more toddler friendly craft.