Simple Crayon Craft Christmas Present

Rainbow coloured crayons recycled from broken crayons made by my 10 year old for our toddler as a Christmas present.

They are very simple to make and look amazing too.

You need:

Collection of old, broken crayons
Cupcake moulds or small, oven proof containers


Remove the paper from the crayons and break into 1-2 cm pieces. There is no need to be exact.

Divide your broken crayons amongst the cupcake cases. I think random works best.

Put the tray in a hot oven for about 10 mins. You want the wax to melt but not mix too much.

As my 10 year old is an able baker, I let her take the trays in and out of the oven herself but you may like to do that yourself.

Allow to cool and turn out.

Pretty aren’t they?

We used silicone moulds but I am sure this would work with paper cases too or even just putting in lightly oiled tins and allowing to cool throughly before turning out.

I love recycling so this simple craft enabled us to make a free Christmas present and decluttered part of the craft box.

20131122-055248 AM.jpg

20131122-055306 AM.jpg

20131122-055323 AM.jpg

20131122-055340 AM.jpg