A new collection of baby wear timeless classics

After the bright andbaby-wear funky baby wear, timeless classics are now back in baby wear fashion. What matters to baby is that the fabric be really soft, free from nasty chemicals and harmful dyes to avoid irritating his skin, well designed to be comfortable, and easy to put on and off. What matters to parents is that they are good quality, preferably organic, sturdy, easy to care for and eventually passed to a younger sibling. Here are some of our favourite baby wear.

  • Baby vests. The baby vests selected by Natural Nursery for your baby are all designed either as wraps, tied tops or with an envelope neck. This type of baby wear is easier to put on and off. Some babies are uncomfortable having their clothes pulled over their head, in that case the tied tops are perfect. It’s a good idea to have a few long sleeve vests and short sleeve vests. Even in summer, nights can be chilly. Remember that the less vests you buy the more washing you will need to do, sometimes with a half-full washing machine. It’s a good idea to buy enough to last you a few days.
  • Sleepgowns. For newborns and babies up to 12 months, sleepgowns are ideal. They allow babies to wiggle to their heart’s content without rumpling up. Babies can enjoy rubbing their legs together as they would have done in the womb. Finally, the baby wear has no fiddly poppers making nappy changes much easier for parents and babies.
  • Sleepsuits. Easy to wear for sleep, nap or even playtime, the sleepsuits are now available in size up to 2 year old. Sleepsuits are comfortable for babies are there is no elastic at the waist. You can change their nappies without undressing them completely. This is particularly important at night time when you might be trying to change their nappies as quickly as possible without waking them up completely. The Frugi organic baby sleepsuits are especially suited to children with eczema or sensitive skin. Everything is designed to avoid irritating the skin: no scratchy label, flat seams and the washcare label is made in the same soft interlock material.