Strawberry Sweetness – Fair Trade Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress costumes at the Natural NurseryWhen my son was little he wanted to live in his bee costume, and then his tiger costume. Now he is the grand old age of 8 he still finds time to be a monster or a knight. On the way home from the shops today I passed a mum with 2 kids wearing butterfly wings. Fancy dress for small kids is a hit with young and old!

Fancy dress at the Natural Nursery is ethically traded, washable and made to a very high quality. Sizes are from 3 months up to 11 years depending on the costume – I love the dragon costume for babies and this 2 in one reversable fairy costume is just beautiful.

This review is from Ashley who bought the Strawberry costume:

“This was a present for a friend, and she absolutely loved how cute this outfit is. Whether or not her daughter will feel the same when she sees the baby pictures in 18 years time we’ll find out!