BabyLegs – Product Review

baby legs legwarmers for babiesI’ve been using baby legs for a week now and think they are great!

My little boy who is 4 months doesn’t like to be restricted by trousers so these are a great product to keep him warm with vests when just playing in the house.

It’s handy for me too as can check his nappy without having to take any trousers/ dungarees off. Although I still take them off to change his nappy as don’t want him weeing (or worse!) all over them.

I have found the best use for then is when we are out in cold weather in the sling; they protect the bit of bare leg between bottom of trousers and top of socks (i just tuck his trousers in them).

They would make a great gift (people I know expecting babies will be getting a pair!).

I’ve got a feeling they will be great when he starts crawling to protect his knees from the carpet too as they seem to be very good quality to withstand a bit of wear and tear. 

Overall I would give the product 9/10. They only lost a point as they have bobbled very slightly. Also, if I was using them for a very new baby I would want them to be slightly softer.

Babylegs baby leg warmers are available from The Natural Nursery, starting at £7.99 per pair.