BabyLegs now in stock at The Natural Nursery

BabyLegs baby legwarmersMy 7 year old daughter just loves her BabyLegs – she has had them since she was a tiny baby and still wears them now when it is cold or she wants to look “funky”.

We have now re-stocked on BabyLegs in time for the colder weather, so you can choose from our range of boy and girl colours.

For those of you new to BabyLegs, they are legwarmers for babies and children – though they will fit grown-ups too!

BabyLegs were designed by an American mother who wanted something to keep her daughter’s legs warm during nappy free time (her baby suffered from nappy rash and she had found this to be the best way of healing it).

Baby legwarmers are great for potty training as there is no need for your child to pull trousers up and down and they are used by many babywearers to stop the cold from getting into the gap between sock and trouser.

Other parents love them as you can show off their beautiful fluffy nappies and they look so cute.

They look great and keep little legs and arms warm and best of all, they last for years so come out of the cupboard time after time.

You can see our range of BabyLegs on our website, priced at £7.99.

BabyLegs baby legwarmers