Beware of Fake Ergo Baby Carriers

We have recently been contacted by people who have purchased fake Ergos – it seems that the sale of potentially dangerous carriers is still going on so we would remind people to only buy from authorised dealers.

In fact, Ergo will be appearing as part of the Fake Britain television show tomorrow, 28th May 2012  (BBC1, 09.15 ) as they are so concerned about the dangers posed to babies and toddlers from fake products.

Ergo say:

At ERGObaby, we want all babies and toddlers to be carried safely, securely, and comfortably – and for our customers to have the quality products they intended to purchase.

Unfortunately, as TV show “Fake Britain” (BBC 1, 28 May 2012) has highlighted, there are a number of fraudsters who are passing off counterfeit  ERGObaby carriers and duping parents into thinking they are the real thing, with potentially serious consequences.

The best way to avoid counterfeit ERGObaby carriers is to purchase only from an authorised stockist. 

We would strongly advise that all parents are cautious about buying ERGObaby Carriers from unauthorised online auction sites and websites.  Also, we urge parents to be suspicious if the prices are heavily discounted.  ERGObaby rarely runs price promotions and if it sounds too good to be true, generally, it is.

Other tell-tale signs of a Fake ERGObaby carrier are outdated packaging featuring a DVD; coarser, low-quality materials and flimsy buckles and straps.

Again, we urge you to purchase your ERGObaby Carrier and accessory products only through our authorised retailers.

Pull-out tips on spotting a fake:

1.       Always buy from an authorised stockist and be cautious of online auction sites and sites that mimic ERGObaby

2.       Be suspicious of heavily discounted prices

3.       Beware of out-dated packaging and boxes that feature a DVD

4.       Fake ERGObaby carriers may contain chemicals and materials that are potentially harmful to your baby. Check your purchase for quality of stitching, quality of fabric and quality of buckles attachments & straps.

 The Natural Nursery has been an authorised stockist of Ergo Baby Carriers for 7 years so you know you will be getting the genuine product when you purchase from us.