Customer Product Review – Ergo Performance Baby Carrier

Ergo Performance Baby Carrier

This is a fantastic sling and although it is expensive i think its worth every penny. My 4 month old is a hefty 21 lbs and carrying him in the baby bjorn was really hurting my shoulders. However with the ergo i can carry him for ages in the front carrying position without sore shoulders.

 It takes a little while to adjust all the straps to a comfy position but once adjusted its very easy to use. My baby does seem more comfortable with me using it then my husband, he seems to sit a little too low in the sling with my husband using. I’m sure a bit of strap fiddling would resolve this minor issue though.
The pocket is really handy for wallet/ phone but i’m now in debate whether to splash out on the cargo pack or not….

SE, Feb 2011