Customer Product Review – Wonderoos V2 Pocket Nappy

Wonderoos V2 Pocket Nappy

When I received these nappies, I could not believe just how soft they are. I am totally new to cloth nappies and found these so easy to use. My daughter is a small 1 year old and these fit her perfectly. We did initially have a few leaks but that was down to not having the height of the nappy adjusted properly.

 They also dry surprisingly quickly, as do the microfiber inserts, but the bamboo booster does take quite a bit longer to dry. I have used these at night, with the bamboo booster and it works really well. 

I was also surprised at how well they washed. My little girl had a bad tummy on the second day we used the nappies and we had no leaks and no stains on the nappies after they had been washed.

I love these nappies so much, I will be buying some more.

S.S, March 2011