Customer Review – Usbourne Books

We have some lovely childrens books and a very kind customer has reviewed the Usbourne Books:

We were given a “That’s not my Pony” Usbourne touchy feely book when our daughter turned one. It was literally her favourite book, one which she read every night after we had. She could interact with the nice bright pictures as we read, the different textures were always interesting and a new word to learn(I think ‘squashy’ was one of her favourites); And we used to spot the little mouse of each page.
Shes now three and a half and has some of the Usbourne Sticker Story books, which are great as well as they have a little mouse hiding on each page 🙂
Her brother now has her “Thats’s not my Pony” book and several others including “Thats not my Tractor” which is definitely his favourite.
I think one of the best things about the Usbourne books is that they can last through so many children and the board books are so well made and hardy. We’ve taken the sticker ones on holiday in the car to keep the kids occupied on a long journey and they seem to keep their attention for a good, long while.

They’re great value even if you only have one child and the Usbourne range spans into teenage years, So ill definatly be buying more in the future.

We have a wide range of the Usbourne Books so please go on the website and have a look.