ERGOBaby Carrier Bundle; “fantastic for using in an airport”

Ergo Bundle at the Natural NurseryA key feature of the ErgoBaby Baby Carrier is its design – unlike some other baby carriers, it holds your baby in the anatomically correct position, so your baby is “seated” in the carrier rather than suspended from it.  Studies have shown that this is better for the development of your baby’s spine as it does not put undue pressure on developing bones.

You can get a great value bundle of:

  • Ergo Baby Carrier
  • Heart2Heart Infant Insert

All together in one, The Bundle of Joy pack includes an ultra comfortable Ergobaby Carrier with a matched Infant Insert, and can be used from the first day you bring your newborn home all the way up to 45 lbs., making it the only carrier you’ll ever need.

The ErgoBaby Baby Carrier will allow you to carry your baby:

  • On your front
  • On your back
  • On your hip
  • From newborn to around 4 plus years

With the addition of the infant insert (included in this set), it can be used from newborn right the way to heavy pre-schoolers, meaning you only need to buy one baby sling.  I carried my daughter until she was well over 4 1/2 years old for up 2 hours at a time.

Natural Nursery customer Nuala said:

“I bought this carrier for my 11 week old girl, I needed it for a flight. I have another cheaper carrier and she screamed every time I used it but she loves the ergo baby, she stops crying when I put her in it if shes tired. It was fantastic for using in an airport so I would really highly recommend it. Also, Natural Nursery delivered the item very quickly so many thanks”

For more information about the Ergo Baby Carrier and the Infant Insert, or for any other type of baby carrier please visit the Natural Nursery.