The Ergo baby Bibs, a lovely idea for a new baby gift

The Ergo baby bibs make a great new baby gift

The Ergo baby bibs make a great new baby gift

Just arrived from Ergo baby, the company behind the Ergo baby carrier, are this clever baby bibs.

The Natural Nursery team reviews hundreds of baby and children products to bring you only the best. Every now and then, we find a new product and think: “Wow I wish I had had one of them when my child was little!”. The clever design combines a baby bib and a table mat to ensure relatively mess-free mealtimes.

That’s why I love giving the Ergo baby bibs as a new baby gift. New babies are showered with new baby gifts they outgrow very quickly. I like giving something that the parents will enjoy from when their child is 6 months to well… until they know how to eat properly by themselves.

When a baby starts discovering solid foods, it is important to let them ‘play’ with the food. Grasping a piece of banana, avocado or cooked carrot, discovering its texture, picking something out of your plate is all part of the learning. If you haven’t come across baby led weaning before, take a look at Baby Led Weaning: Helping Your Baby To Love Good Food. It gives a refreshing perspective, advising that there is no need to mash all the baby’s food. Just let them experience a broccoli, as it is, not as green mush, but as an actual broccoli.

The Ergo baby bibs are very good value. Sold by pack of 4, each bib has a different embroidery. The bibs are practical and easy to machine wash. They are made of cotton terry cloth with polyester coated backing.