ERGOBaby Carrier – “baby backpack a lifesaver”

A key feature of the ErgoBaby Baby Carrier is its design – unlike some other baby carriers, it holds your baby in the anatomically correct position, so your baby is “seated” in the carrier rather than suspended from it.  Studies have shown that this is better for the development of your baby’s spine as it does not put undue pressure on developing bones.

For the parent, the Ergo is comfortable even for long carries and can be quickly adjusted to fit from 5′ to 6’5″ so it adapts well in families where the the parents have different body shapes or sizes.

Sally bought her ErgoBaby Carrier from the Natural Nursery and she said:

“I used this carrier every day during a trip to Mozambique – it was comfortable even in the hot weather. My son is nearly 10kgs but the weight is well distributed and no backache. Only little gripe is doing up the catch across the back which takes practice to do alone, but usually easy to find someone who is happy to help. Definitely recommended.”

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