Grow your own organic vegetables

For the last two seasons we have been having a little help with our organic allotment in the shape of an instant organic garden from Rocket Gardens.

A Rocket Garden is a box jam-packed with organic baby plants packed in golden straw ready to be planted out in your garden, terrace or window sill.

Each garden full of plants chosen with care – from the organic children’s garden specially selected to appeal to children to the patio garden of plants suitable for families that don’t have space for a vegetable patch.

The plants are grown in unheated greenhouses in Cornwall and are certified by Soil Association, meaning you get healthy, hardy plants and yummy vegetables to eat straight from the garden.

These instant gardens are fantastic to grow with children – they can see the results straight away and get to eat fresh food straight off the plant.

We have had great success with these gardens – we have been regularly cropping all through the winter, have been able to give huge baskets of fresh produce away to friends and the chickens have been eating greens to their hearts content.