Make it Monday – Making your own baby wipes

iStock_000004310519XSmallJust like cloth nappies, switching to reusable baby wipes can save you a lot of money, especially the early months.

Reusable baby wipes are just as easy to use as flushable baby wipes. You can use water to clean your baby’s bottom or make your own natural cleaning solution. Once your baby’s nappy is changed, you can pop the wipes in your laundry. They are made especially to wash and dry easily.

If you decide to make your own baby wipes, the first thing will be to choose a suitable fabric.

The fabric should be ultra soft so that it doesn’t irritate your baby’s skin. It should let the baby’s poo slide of the fabric easily and wash and dry easily. You may find it convenient to use several types of fabric for your baby wipes. An ultra soft micro fleece for example will clean your baby’s bottom easily after a messy nappy. A soft flannel or cotton jersey will allow you to dry the skin afterwards.

Your baby’s skin is delicate, avoid rubbing the skin to dry it. It is best to pat it gently. You can test that your baby wipes are soft enough by using them to clean your face for example. Save even more money by using them instead of make up remover cotton pads.

Cut your fabric in squares or rectangles. Roughly the size of your hands is a convenient size. Fleece will not fray so you don’t need to hem it. Jersey, flannel and cotton baby wipes will be more durable if you overlock or hem them. Depending on the fabric, using pricking shears will also stop them from fraying.

If you don’t want to make them yourself we sell 2 types at the Natural Nurserysingle sided and double sided – made with a different fabric on each side: a fleece side to wipe your baby’s bottom and a cotton side to clean it your baby’s skin.

You will find that you can use reusable baby wipes everywhere around the house, to clean kitchen counters, wipe finger marks off the walls, clean the dining table, and even dust surfaces…