Nappi Nippa Customer Review

nappi nippas for cloth nappies

Nappi Nippas are clever little things that hold your cloth nappies in place without stabbing you or your baby.

We have just received this review of our 3 pack of Nappi Nippas:

Brilliant product – recommended!

I bought these because I was worried about accidentally hurting baby with nappy pins… I was sceptical as to whether they’d work or not.

However, they really are great.  They have clever little grippers with are sharp enough to grab the fabric but not so pointy or big that they would ever hurt the baby.

Three in a pack also means you have spares if you lose any.

Great idea… I’d be lost without them now!

5/5 from LW

April 2011

They are available to buy from The Natural Nursery priced at £3.90 for a pack of 3, including FREE UK post.