Nappy Wraps – Air Flow from Motherease now in stock

Waterproof nappy covers are an essential component of a 2-part nappy system.  Personally, I have always preferred hook and loop or Velcro fastening nappy wraps but we have had lots of customers request popper fastenings.

As a result, we have taken delivery of a big box full of Mother-ease Airflow nappy wraps, in all sizes, in white and the lovely eco-theme patterns.

Air flow wraps are part of the multi-award winning range of real nappies from Motherease and they will work with Mother Ease onesize nappies, Sandys etc as well as with pre fold nappies and terry squares.

The nappy covers are made from polyester with a thin waterproof layer bonded to the back, making them easy to care for and non-crackly.

Many parents find that the popper fastening gives them a better fit and that older babies and toddlers are unable to undo the poppers, making nappy removing incidents less likely.

The Motherease wraps are in stock now, starting at £9.25 per wrap.