Customer review, we love your natural baby products

natural-baby-productsAt Natural Nursery, we choose carefully the products we select for you and your baby.

We work closely with our suppliers to make sure that our natural baby products contain no nasty chemicals, no SLS and no paraben in particular.

Here is an email we received this morning from a customer about her order.

Thank you for sending my order so quickly. It arrived very well packaged, the items well wrapped so nothing was damaged in transport. I like that you reuse packaging (it came in good condition so I’ll be able to reuse it again!)

“Thank you very much for the Earth Friendly Baby natural baby products. They are absolutely lovely. I chose the minty lavender organic bubblebath and the natural baby shampoo. The scent is delicate, not too strong. Since the bubblebath doesn’t contain SLS, I thought it wouldn’t create much bubble foam in the bath but it did. The kids love it, there is enough bubble to hide under, or to make pretend Santa’s beards. The trick is to pour the bubblebath right under the stream of water. Then I topped up the bath with the shower head. It stirred the water and created lots of bubble. My kids love bubbles! The only thing you have to watch is that it’s easy to use too much, the bottle opening is quite big. Only a 3 or 4 tablespoons were enough for our big bathtub.

I liked that the natural baby shampoo doubles up as bodywash. It’s one less thing to worry about in the bath when you have to keep a constant eye on the children, help them and try to stay dry all at the same time! The children can learn to shampoo themselves and wash themselves, a very independent step towards autonomy.

At £2.99, it’s a very good price. I’m very impressed and will be ordering more in your natural baby products sale. Thanks a lot.”