Tips to wash your newborn’s hair with natural shampoo

natural shampooAs a new mother, washing your baby’s hair can feel a bit daunting. Some babies don’t like being naked. It involves holding them with one hand, and you might be worried about shampoo stinging their eyes.

Here are a few tips to make washing your baby’s hair easier.

  • Choose baby natural shampoo. Baby natural shampoo should be paraben free and SLS free. It will soft on your baby’s skin and won’t sting her eyes should a little bit of lather get in.
  • If you’re unsure, you can ask your midwife to show you how to wash your baby’s hair.
  • Make sure you have everything handy (baby natural shampoo, flannels, towel, warm water, baby thermometer) and that the room is warm and cosy.
  • It is just as easy to bathe a newborn in the sink or a baby bath. Cradle your baby into your arm, supporting her firmly. With the other hand, wet your baby’s hair with a soft flannel and gently rub a little bit of baby natural shampoo on the scalp. Be very gentle but there’s no need to avoid the soft spots. Use another clean flannel to rinse her hair. Rub her scalp gently to make sure there is no lather appearing.
  • Once she’s dry, use a soft-bristled brush to brush your baby’s hair.

Remember, you don’t have to wash your child’s hair every day. Most health professionals agree that two to three times a week is sufficient.

Next week, we’ll look at tips for washing toddlers’ hair.