Choosing books as a new baby gift

new baby giftA new baby gift doesn’t have to be just for the newborn phase. It is a nice idea to give something that the baby can enjoy a few months later. Giving a book, for example, is a lovely idea.

It is never too early to start reading with children. Introducing a bedtime story as part of an evening routine helps children recognise that sleep time is coming soon. It helps them slow down their active but tired little minds. Reading to children from a very early age is a gentle introduction to the melody of speech, and to the joy of reading. It is a gift that will stay with them forever.

Here are some ideas to choose books as a new baby gift.

The Baby Shape Book Set is probably one of the earliest books you can read to a baby. We don’t know whether new babies are able to distinguish colour, but it is agreed that they are drawn to high contrast images. These simple books are especially developed to interest a baby from birth, with a progression from simple bold graphic shapes to facial expressions and more complex images for older babies.

Taggies First Books: Taggies books are ideal first books for babies – made with soft textured fabrics and colourful images, they are just right for snuggling up with.They are now also available in board books. The little ribbons are there to be pulled and played with, subtly helping baby learn to turn the pages.

Playtime Rhymes For Little People Barefoot books are well known for the quality of their children’s books. The stories, the writing and the graphics make the children books equally appealing for grown-ups. And since you’ll be the one reading and singing it day after day, it’s a bonus! Each intricately illustrated rhyme is accompanied by instructions for acting it out. The book is designed to help children develop language and counting skills while improving their coordination and encouraging them to interact.

Here are just a few ideas to give you some inspiration, you will find many more baby books on our website.