Choosing a New Baby Gift: Our Top Picks

newbabygiftShopping for a new baby gift is fun and exciting. It is a chance to think about the new parents, to celebrate this new life and show our friendship and affection.

Here are our top picks to help you choose a new baby gift:

At the top of the list is Sophie the Giraffe. Let us introduce Sophie: it’s cute, squishy and indestructible. Sophie can be chewed, grabbed, squeezed, pulled by little hands for years to come. It makes a laughing squeak when its tummy is squeezed. Sophie has been a traditional new baby gift for generations of French children. It is now available in the UK. It is made from soft, flexible natural rubber from the Hevea tree.

The new collection of Sea Life soft toys by Under the Nile is simply adorable. They are available individually or as a set of three. They are the perfect size and shape for little hands to grab. The organic cotton is extremely soft. When your children grow, it is a chance to teach them about sea life and the importance of preserving its beauty.

A practical new baby gift can be really special. The new parent can use it every day to wrap their baby in a beautiful product. The baby hooded towel and the cellular blanket from Green Baby are examples of thoughtful gifts. They are made of 100% organic and are incredibly soft. They are so durable that they can be passed down to younger siblings. Giving a baby carrier like the Wilkinet is giving the gift of freedom. Having the possibility of keeping your baby close to you while doing things around the house, playing with older siblings or going out with friends makes life with a new baby so much easier.

Choosing a new baby gift is also a time for luxuries. The sheepskins or lambskins especially designed for babies are sure to be appreciated for years to come. The sheepskin can be used as a play mat to keep baby comfortable, on the floor, in a bed, or the pram.

Don’t forget that the new baby gift doesn’t necessarily have to be for the baby, it can be for his or her mum. A mum with a new baby needs pampered. Going to the spa or the beautician is not be easy when you have a little one in toe. What better present that a Natalia pampering gift set to make the new mum will gorgeous and special?

That’s our top tips, we would love to hear from you. What was the favourite gift you receive when your baby was born?