Not just organic baby bedding, an heirloom

organic baby bedding

organic baby bedding

If you are looking for a new baby present, this traditional receiving blanket is a gorgeous gift. Disana organic baby bedding is as light as a feather and made of the most sumptuous organic merino wool. Pure wool helps regulate your baby’s temperature.

You can imagine resting with your newborn baby snuggled up against your chest or breastfeeding peacefully, with the organic wool blanket wrapped over you both.

If you drop off your baby at her childminder or nursery, you could wrap the blanket around you in the evening and give it to her in the morning. This way she will be able to keep your scent with her throughout the day.

The receiving blanket is big enough to use as organic bedding in baby’s crib or cot. Once your child has outgrown the blanket, she can use it to play with her dolls. Then it can be stored away safely to be passed on to a younger sibling or perhaps their own children.