Why I love organic baby clothing!

organic baby clothing

organic baby clothing

I had heard about the Frugi (then cut4cloth) organic baby clothing range when my baby was little. It wasn’t until I visited the Natural Nursery shop that was then in Bristol that I had a chance to actually see and touch the clothes.

The organic baby clothing was amazing: extremely soft to the touch, it also looked sturdy. The trousers were all lined also with soft organic cotton. I haven’t seen any baby clothes as soft as the Frugi organic baby clothing.

I bought a pair of trousers and some pyjamas for my little one. When they became too small, they were passed to a cousin then to his little brother. Now they’re packed up and ready to be sent to another little cousin about to be born. They’ve been worn, washed, dried, tumbled dried, have gone down slides, shuffled around the floor when the babies learnt to crawl and are still in very good condition.

It shows that buying good quality organic baby clothing is also very good value. Would some cheap pair of trousers last through 4 children? I don’t think so.

What also decided me to buy Frugi is that they are fair trade clothes. It means I’m doing my part to ensure the workers in another country have the opportunity to prosper just as I do. Instead of buying clothing that is cheap to manufacture and purchase, I prefer high quality organic baby clothing as well as fair trade standards.

Have you bought organic baby clothing for your little ones? What did you think? We’d love to hear from you.