10 tips to make baby bath time fun

organic baby shampoo

organic baby shampoo

Children can get nervous about bath time at times. It doesn’t have to be that way, bath time shouldn’t be a chore for mum or a tense moment for baby. It can be a relaxing moment for everyone, full of giggle and laughter.

Here are our top 10 tips to make bath time fun for babies and toddlers.

  1. Bath time is an ideal moment for fathers to bond with their children. Why not leave it up to daddy?
  2. Warm up the bathroom. Especially in winter, make sure the room feels nice and cosy.
  3. Check the water temperature and stir it to even out the temperature. Ensure that you have everything you need within reach so you never have to leave your child. Babies can drown in very little water.
  4. Bath toys! Choose bath toys that can easily be cleaned and preferably from natural material. Bath toys don’t have to be purposely bought. An empty bottle of organic baby shampoo, a plastic hammer or bowl can be lots of fun. When the bath is over, put the toys away in a plastic bucket or net to keep the bathroom tidy and easily to clean.
  5. Start teaching your children to undress themselves. Autonomy is learnt one step at a time. As a game, you can also name each item as you remove it. For toddler, you can play how quickly can you get undressed?
  6. It’s never too early to teach children to pop dirty clothes in the laundry basket (keep those handy), the old basketball hoop trick works every time!
  7. Bubbles! Lots of bubbles! Not the SLS nasty kind of bubbles. Paraben free bubbles. Soft organic baby bubble bath.
  8. Make it a game to wet your child’s hair. A gentle organic baby shampoo won’t sting his eyes. You can use an empty organic baby shampoo bottle to rinse his hair.
  9. Dry baby quickly so he doesn’t get cold. For babies, we love a hooded towel as you can wrap them up quickly. For toddlers, bath robes and ponchos are ideal.
  10. If your baby enjoys it, a gentle baby massage with olive oil or organic baby care cream is a lovely way to end a relaxing routine.

Remember, babies don’t need to have a bath every day. Many health professionals advise 2 to 4 times a week being enough and avoids drying their delicate skin.