Organic Baby Sleepgowns

Organic Cotton Baby SleepgownSleepgowns are one of my absolute essentials for new born babies.  Not only do they look so sweet, they are so very practical too.

The sleepgown is like a nightie really, suitable for boys and girls, and will have a wide neck opening so it is easy to slip on over the baby’s head, long sleeves and a very long body with elastic at the bottom, a bit like a bag.

This means there are no fiddly poppers to mess around with in the middle of the night when you are changing nappies and the baby can wriggle and kick their little feet all they like – many babies like the feel of being able to rub their feet and legs together without clothes getting in the way.

Most babygowns have integral mitts, ideal for keeping little fingers warm during the winter and stop stop scratching.

You will find that you use them all the time – and they last for ages too.  When our daughter out grew the largest size because of the length of her legs, we snipped the elastic in the bottom (you can do this without spoiling the sleepgown) and hey presto! a nightie that lasted another 6 months.

Our newest sleepgown is this organic cotton one with a pretty all over star print – Star Sleepgown and you will find quite and range on our site.  Prices depend upon the brand but are around £10-£11 each, for the organic cotton ones.