Here at The Natural Nursery we try lots of little ways to be eco-friendly – they all add up in the end.

One of these ways is to keep a very close eye on our packaging and the way we send parcels out to our customers.

We appreciate that you want your goods to arrive in a beautiful condition (we want that too) but on the other hand, you don’t want vast quantities of packaging to clog up your bin and then your local land fill site.

That is why we reuse as much packaging as we can – lots of our parcels go out in reused boxes and we reuse any packing materials our delieveries come in.

When we have to buy new packing materials, we try to make them as environmentally friendly as possible.  We use bio-degradable bubble wrap and recycled cardboard to parcel up delicate items, our mailing sacks are made out of recycled or biodegradable plastics and the paper we print our delivery notes on is made from trees from sustainable forests and is 100% biodegradable – even the glue that sticks the label on the front of the parcel!

So does this all cost The Natural Nursery more?  Well, yes it does.  We charge what we think are fair postage and packing costs and absorb the extra ourselves.

We want you to get your goodies in perfect condition but we don’t want that to have a negative impact on the enviroment, so we are happy to pay a little bit extra to make this happen.