Discover the secret to children playing happily for hours



Have you noticed how once the presents are opened, children often play more with the box than the actual toy? If your children are anything like ours, give them a cardboard box, some crayons and they’ll entertain themselves for hours, day after day. The box starts as a boat, then becomes a bed for a tired teddy before inevitably turning into a hat!

One day we received a wardrobe, not very exciting for children if it weren’t for the very large boxes they come into! Shortly afterwards, armed with box cutters and brown tape, we started cutting, building, sticking… Our playhouse was born. It was very brown and boring but big and exciting! Over the next few months we decorated it with drawings, paper cuttings, paint, ribbons. It felt too dark inside into so we cut out some windows and added curtains. From brown box to work of art in the eyes of children. Our daughter would often retreat in it, maybe the space was more at her scale.

It was all and well until we needed the space in her bedroom. Being all taped up, it was impossible to fold it, or to recycle for that matter. We discarded more than 2 years ago but she still regularly asks me to build another one. This is her on the little video, she didn’t notice I was filming her.

That’s where I wish I had known about the Paperpod rocket playhouse and playfort. Inspired by children’s play, they are nothing short of fabulous! Unlike my home made version, they are easy to assemble. Ours was hard work to put together! It can be dismantled, and are made in the UK from recycled material. Children will not only enjoy playing with them but decorating them, customizing them to make them truly unique.

They are sturdy enough to withstand hours and months of play and be passed down to siblings, or little friends when your children are done with them. They can eventually be recycled too.

They’re the perfect Christmas presents for toddlers and young children.