Patapum Baby Sling in stock at the Natural Nursery

Patapum Baby Sling at the Natural Nursery

Discover the world on your mum’s or dad’s back.
The new way of parenting!
Great for shopping, walking, hiking or doing housework while being hugged by the person you love the most. Your Baby!

The Patapum Baby Carrier is one of the best back baby carrier you will find.
It is lightweight, comfortable, stylish and easy to use.

Can be used with infants who can sit up alone and are strong enough to support their head. Around 5 months old, up to 40 Lbs. (18-20 Kgs.)

Patapum Carriers are not just for Mothers.
While babies are naturally attached to their mothers from the beginning, even the most dedicated mothers need breaks to regain their energy. A comfortable baby carrier gives fathers and other caretakers the freedom to do other tasks while the baby is safely within reach.

Freedom Patapum’s baby and toddler carriers deliver freedom to continue with active lifestyles.
Style Designed in Italy, our products are both stylish and practical. Check out our cool carriers…
Comfort A snug fit with padded shoulder & waist areas allow you to carry your baby all day.

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