10 more ways reusable bags can save you time and money!

reusable-bags1Can you believe that with a little help from Lisa and Alison, we found 10 more ways reusable bags can save you time and money?

  1. Having a big reusable shopping bag on hand for things to be given away for the charity shop will help you de-clutter. When the bag is full, empty it in a bin liner, stick the gift aid sticker (it increases the value of your donations by 28%) and pop it in the car boot.

  2. A bag for the hair clips, hair bands… Keeping them together saves on having to replace them regularly.

  3. A bag for the hair dryer and combs.

  4. A bag for your make up (you can tell we live in a house of girls!).

  5. A series of bags for seasonal events. From September, you can start putting together what you will need for Christmas: scotch tape, scissors, wrapping paper, gifts bought early, Christmas cards, stamps… I have recently put aside a bag for my daughter’s upcoming birthday: fabric to make party bags, party bags fillers which I purchased with my last order, chocolate coins (check the expiry date!). When I come across some party invitations and thank you cards, I will buy the in advance and store them there.

  6. You can also use a large recycled juice bag to keep presents to give in. Lisa says, I have a bag for kids and one for adults and any presents I want to re-gift or things I see in charity shops, or bargain things I see in the shops that would make good presents go in there, so I always (usually) have a present when someone springs a surprise birthday on me.

  7. A bag for pegs.

  8. As a green thing to do this year, consider reusing packaging and mailing supplies. Keep them together in an organic cotton bag so it’s easy to see what’s inside. When you need to post something, you can easily reuse a jiffy bag. When your bag gets too big, you can offer it on freecycle where many people who sell on line will be happy to take it off your hands.

  9. The recycled juice bags are excellent to keep your fabric scraps in. “After a sewing project I bundle up the leftover fabric and tie it with a bit of selvedge, then it goes in a bag, with some cedar wood to protect against moths”, says Lisa.

  10. Little bags for the kids to play pretend shopping, it keeps them amused for hours.

A big thanks to Alison and Lisa for their ideas.