Save time and money! 10 ways reusable bags make your life easier

reusable-bagsReusable bags are becoming more and more popular. They are sturdier, more eco-friendly, more convenient, and dare I say prettier than plastic bags. Most often, shop assistants now ask if you need a bag for your shopping. Every now and then, one of them gives a funny look when you say: “I don’t need a bag thank you” but overall, reusable bags are increasingly popular.

A green bag is not just for shopping. They can be useful in so many ways and save you money. Several supermarkets charge for plastic bags so having some handy is a good idea. Using bags to keep things together reduces the risk they will be lost and need to be replaced.

  1. Keep a bag full of reusable shopping bags so you can grab the bag when you leave the house.

  2. You can keep a similar bag in the car in case of an unexpected trip to the shops.

  3. I keep a reusable shopping bag rolled up in my handbag in case I need them”, says Alison

  4. Children love having an unusual school backpack. They’re bright and cheerful, easy to spot in the school’s cloakroom.

  5. Recycled juice bags especially designed to be used as lunchbags are equally appealing to kids and grown ups.

  6. If your child is still in a buggy, you can hang a bag at the back to store the kids’ little things, snack, water bottle and by this weather, extra hats and gloves!

  7. Having a bag for each of the children’s each activity means there’s no last minute rush to find all their bits and bobs. Everything simply stays in the bag. When the clothing (swimming bag, ballet) needs washed, it can go back in the appropriate bag as soon as it’s dry. If the children need to take something special – the cheque at the beginning of semester for example – you can add it to the bag sometime during the week instead of having to remember at the last minute. “One can never be over-organised, says Anne, having a separate wall hook for each bag means the cloakroom stays tidy. The children know where to find their bags and where to store them when they come in the house.”

  8. We also have a bag for the gloves and hats. We normally have to buy several sets as they get ‘misplaced’ throughout the winter. This year, I’m pleased to report that the children still have the hats, gloves and scarves I bought in September!  I like using the organic cotton bags for that purpose as the children can see what is inside.

  9. Having a bag for bike helmets and knee pads also avoids the last minute scramble to look for them when everyone is ready to go. It will save you money in the long run as they’re less likely to get lost.

  10. We also have bags for ‘things that need to be returned, continues Anne. We always seem to have a pile of things that belong to others, I just pop them in a bag and when the person visits, they can take all their things back!”

…. to be continued!