A delightful addition to a natural nursery: sheepskin and lambskin

sheep-skinWe’re excited to bring you these gorgeous new lambskins. You actually have to touch them to realise how silky soft and luxurious they are. They are much softer than sheepskins therefore most suitable for a baby’s soft skin. The fluffy and natural softness of the pile make these lambskins the perfect addition to a baby’s nursery or as a new baby gift.

You will be able to use your Gabe & Grace lambskin in the pram, in the car seat, as a playmat. Many children become attached to their lambskin. Give your little one a scent from home by taking it to the childminder or grand parents. The Gabe & Grace lambskins won a Sliver Award in the Practical Preschool awards and were featured in The Daily Mail as one of “10 best child soothers”.

Why choose a sheepskin for your baby?

  • Helps regulate baby’s temperature all year around and when they’re ill
  • Soft for baby’s delicate skin
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Cleaned and sterilised for children use
  • FREE from pesticides, formaldehyde and chrome
  • Lovely natural colour
  • Easy to wash
  • Generous size (approx 55cm wide x 95 cm long)

The sheepskins and lambskins meet the guidelines of the International Association Natural Textile Industry (IVN) for safe tanning process and meets UK fire regulations.

Soft materials are generally not recommended as bedding for babies under one year old. If used as part of bedding we recommend that children under the age of one are positioned on their backs and that the sheepskin is covered with a cotton sheet.