Fluffy Friday – Win Flip Disposable Nappy Inserts with Happy Nappy Tales (ends Jan 5th 2012)

Real Nappies at the Natural NurseryThank you to everyone who entered the Fluffy Friday Competition to win a Nappy Change Mat in beautiful mosaic design made from recycled fabrics from the production of the bumGenius nappies. The winner was Joanne Lyles who has been emailed. Congratulations Joanne!

We asked you where the worst place you had to change a nappy was and the answers were so good they have been compiled into a list:

  • Baby Changing rooms where the table was filthy, flooded or there was soggy tissue all over the floor.
  • In the boot of the car on our first trip out!
  • In a field on a farm
  • In a filthy attic of a pub with no other place to use.
  • On the floor of a Doctors surgery where there are no nappy changing facilities!
  • In a hospital scan department. It was shocking. Small cramped, filthy and absolutly stunk!
  • In the woods! Trying to change her whilst leaves were blowing about and sticking to the poo, sticking to her bum, getting in the clean nappy…argh!
  • In the middle of Peppa Pig World on the grass as the parent/baby toilet was always occupied. It was rather chilly as well so my poor daughter was not very impressed and neither was her mummy lol.
  • Atop a Tor on Dartmoor on a very windy day after a picnic.
    Trying to keep a hand on wipes, nappy and poop in a moorland wind was NOT easy!
  • On my lap in a bathroom on a train. Very, very difficult!
  • In the Bank Manager’s board Room (Barclays Bank, Cheetham Hill) when my husband and I were asking for a loan to start our business. My daughter had managed to create a REALLY DIRTY nappy and it absolutely stunk and they did not even have a customer toilet – we did not get it after that!!!
  • At the  side of motorway on back seat when the wind caught the door and decided to take nearly take it of the hinges. Had to tie the door onto the passenger seat to keep the door shut was not a good time
  • In a very small cubical toilet on a british rail train, took my sons nappy off and it weed in my face…awful
  • In the middle of a field when out on a picnic – just as a school field trip was walking past!
  • At a fairground behind the dodgems, raining torrents, mud up to our knees trying to change a baby in his pushchair – oh my god how worse could it be!!
  • Shockingly on the toilet floor in a hospital.
  • On a tube in the rush hour
  • On a bus


And then there are stories of when the baby joins in and ‘helps’

  • We were at the mall, and my daughter had a big mushy poop. It came out the side of her nappy. When I took off her pants, it smeared all over her legs and on the change pad. As I was trying to clean it up, she started playing with it. So, it got all over Everything. Another mom came in and said “Looks like someone has had an explosion

And great places but embarrassing situations:

  • I took my baby daughter out with me to meet up with my friend for lunch. We ended up in a really fancy place and she decided to do a huge poop. And the only changing facilities were in the ladies toilets. So as I was her daddy I couldnt go in. The staff pulled a huge expensive marble table out and put their best table cloths on it for me to change her. Was so embarrassed!!

And truly embarrassing and difficult situations:

  • The worst place Ive had to change a nappy was at a garden centre near my parents. It has a really posh shop section full of glass vases and whatnot. My LO had a truly obnoxious nappy explosion all over himself AND the buggy. They didnt have any changing facilities so I had to give the poopy baby to my mum while I cleaned the buggy so I could change him on the buggy cos I cant sit on the floor due to disability. So there I am, swiping at poop on the buggy while lovely older ladies walk passed with disapproving faces.

    To top it all off, when I had finally changed LO and got him back in the buggy and started to move away, I saw that some poop had made it onto the expensive looking white shelving nearby. Needless to say, I wiped it off and legged it.

That is enough horror stories for now – have you got any nice stories to share?

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Nice nappy changing tales! Have you found any great places to change a nappy? Met any nice people while doing it?


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