From UV suits to baby wipes, everything to make your life easier.

baby wipesWe are keen to make your life that little bit easier so you have that little bit extra time with your children, for yourself, for your partner and your friends. That’s what holidays are about! We know it’s difficult to achieve when you have a young family but we’ll do our best to help.

This week, we have selected six products that can help make your life easier.

* No need to remember to smother the kids in sunscreen, the UV suits protect their delicate skin from the sun. Whether they are just playing in the garden, at the park, or spend the day at the beach, remember to protect their skin every time.

* Stress-free bath time with this all-in-one organic baby shampoo and body wash. The less bottles around the easier!

* Order baby wipes in bulk for bottoms, messy faces and grubby hands. The flushable baby wipes contain no harmful chemicals that could irritate your baby’s skin. They are free from the parabens, sodium laureth sulphate (SLS) and alcohol. If you prefer, we also stock washable baby wipes. Easy to use and wash, they dry in a few hours.

* All-in-ones reusable nappies make nappy change super simple so anyone can do it! They are as easy to use as disposable nappies.  The highly adjustable Imse Vimse are also easy to wash, and sturdy enough to reuse for several children.

* Keep some reusable bags handy in the car for unexpected trips to the supermarket or to collect the mess the kids have left in the car. Reusable bags are more comfortable to carry on your shoulder. They are also roomy to carry everything you need. They are stylish enough to go to the park, on holiday and to the beach.

* For breastfeeding mums who use a breast pump, breast milk storage bags save space and washing. Order in bulk and save even more. Meleda quick wipes are also ideal to clean your breast pump quickly and hygienically.

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