Bio dynamic Baby Skin Care

Bio dynamics is a holistic approach to life, including skin care.  It is based upon the belief that that people can only truly be well if they cherish the emotional and spiritual sides of their nature, as well as the physical.


It goes beyond the organic movement in that bio dynamic prodcuts contain natural ingredients, grown and produced to the higest standards, without the use of chemicals, pesticides etc.


The bio dynamic movement is based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, who believed that all elements of farming, such as livestock, soil, the moon and even stars, sustain each other.


By nurturing the soil, rather than feeding chemicals to the plants, bio dynamic farming produces crops with superior qualities and results in skin care products that are full of active and potent ingredients, ready to nourish delicate and sensitive skin.


Weleda use only raw materials from the natural world – for example, precious plant ingredients grown organically, or better still biodynamically, at their own farms.


Their award-winning Baby Care range includes 2 of our best-selling products, the Calendula Nappy Change Cream (£5.25) and Tooth Gel (£2.50), both products that we have used extensively in our own family.


The Nappy Change Cream is a deep-nourishing and protective barrier cream to help prevent redness and reduce soreness and also be applied to sore skin to promote healing.


The Tooth Gel’s bright and sunny yellow much loved by children is derived from calendula flowers, not artificial colourings.  It contains   non-abrasive silica especially for milk teeth and is the only toothpaste our daughter will use.


The whole Weleda Baby Care range is suitable for vegetarians as no product has been tested on animals and many products are suitable for Vegans.

You can see our full range of Weleda Baby Care on our site.