Bristol – Birth Centre update

Midwife-led birth unit at St. Michael’s? – Please show your support

Birth Centre Bristol has recently been working at senior midwifery and obstetrician level at St. Michael’s Hospital and with the CEO at NHS Bristol to encourage a midwife-led birth unit on the St Michael’s Hospital site. Such a unit has been on the cards for years, with yearly bids to its Foundation Trust, but the enthusiasm for it has grown since Bristol Maternity Review’s target is to ‘increase the number of babies born in birth centres and midwife units’.

If you would like to support this, please write to:
Robert Woolley, CEO UHBristol Foundation Trust, Trust Headquarters, Marlborough Street, Bristol BS1 3NU.

If you would like some ideas on what to write, you can contact Sue Learner on 0117 927 6131 or at

You can also keep up todate with developments at