Bristol Fundraising Event 7th Feb

On Sat. 7th Feb. there’s going to be an all day event to raise money for refugees from war-torn countries( eg. at the moment, Gaza). People get sponsored, or if they prefer make a donation to go along to Christchurch at the top of Broad Street (the Church with the quarter-jack clock) and either play something on their instrument, sing, create some art or write a poem ! – It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner in one of these fields, or have been doing it for years. The idea is that it ‘s an opportunity to give something of yourself that will really help these desperate people.

There will be tea, coffee, cakes etc all day, and a very friendly atmosphere!

In the evening there will be an exhibition of the art, which could also be sold to raise more money and then a concert which will include world music, folk, jazz/rock and classical. — Something for everyone! One or two of the poems will also be read during the concert.
Do come ! It looks like being great fun, and extremely worthwhile!