Christmas in October? Really? That early?

Dreaming of Christmas

Dreaming of Christmas

I used to rant against seeing all the Christmas things in the shop from early September. I didn’t see the point: Christmas was end of December, why wouldn’t I wait until the beginning of December to start shopping? Well, fast forward 5 years, 2 children and 2 jobs later… Now I see the point!

I start thinking about the winter holidays as kids go back to school. Not worrying about it, just thinking. I try to imagine what would please the people I love. Starting early means I have time to order it especially (or send it as we have so many relatives far away). Planning ahead means that I can take the sewing machine out for some handmade presents. I have time to trawl charity shops or antique stores to find that very special item which will make them happy. I also love giving ‘gifts of time’ like theatre tickets so I spend some time reading the programmes.

Starting my Christmas shopping earlier also means that I can take advantage of my favourite shops special offers, therefore giving much nicer presents that I would normally be able to afford. Whenever possible, I choose ethical gifts, organic products and eco friendly products. I prefer quality over quantity and will often choose gifts that will last well and be useful. No more last minute shopping for me where you end up spending way more than you planned because it’s so late and you have to find something. No more ill-chosen presents because we ran out of ideas and had to buy a present in a hurry. I often take the opportunity to buy presents for little friends’ birthdays at the same time to save on shipping costs.

So watch this space for more Christmas posts: baby’s first Christmas, No-junk stocking fillers and advent calendars, tips for an eco-friendly Christmas, unusual baby presents and recipes, ethical gifts for babies and grown up…

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