Customer Review – Mother-Ease booster Bamboo

We love getting feed back on the products we sell and here’s another great customer review of Motherease booster bamboo:

I have a 24 month old daughter, and we have only switched to cloth nappies very recently. Our reason for switching, alongside the obvious environmental ones was her nappy rash. We were loaned some nappies by a friend, and quickly chose the pockets nappies as the easiest and most effective ones for us.

 Alongside the nappies, we were loaned various boosters and inserts, and loved the Mother-Ease bamboo booster so much, that I bought 10 of them when I bought dd her own (second hand) pockets. They are a fantastic size for all the pockets that we have tried, they are thin and yet incredibly absorbent.

My daughter is a heavy wetter (like most toddlers, she hold onto her wee for a while, then lets it all out at once), and including the ME booster has meant that we have no accidents at all.

 Friends who don’t use cloth have been interested in our experience, and the fact that we use ME, and hence have no leaks, means that lots of them are now interested in using cloth too.

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